The history of leather begins with the history of man. In prehistoric times there is evidence that some prehistoric populations of Europe already mastered the techniques necessary to tann and cut the leather of hunted animals. These skins were cured either by smoke or impregnated with animal fats.

Leather was used for the first human clothing in cold climates, it is well known that the Anglo-Saxons made their shields and straps as a belt, wearing sandals and pants of the same material when they faced each other at the time of fighting.

The Iberian Peninsula has been since its inception very united with leather, you can see how the definition of Hispania in the Christian era mentioned that the peninsula was a bull's skin.

The production of leather became one of the oldest trades of the human being, and in an ingenious way they shaped the leather to turn it into a series of useful and comfortable objects. Man always aroused an attraction for this material, stimulating his imagination and with laborious efforts and delicate and artistic tasks leather work has aroused an undeniable fascination.